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Welcome to ADAiRE

Offering Professional Chef Services to the Metro Atlanta Area Since 1999

With the ever increasing number of culinary programs and restaurants in this country, not to mention television networks, the American palate is becoming more and more sophisticated. Chefs offer a dizzying array of culinary choices and all are trying to make names for themselves. Everyone is digging deep to find the “Next Big Thing" and become the next culinary superstar. While this process can be quite entertaining from time to time, is cooking with liquid nitrogen something that people truly want? Why do so many chefs favor the sledgehammer over the feather? Why is it that Classical Cuisine is called classical? Because through the centuries that is the food that people have wanted. The Masters of the culinary world listened to what people wanted and added their special touches until these dishes evolved into the classics emulated today. We choose continued evolution over blunt-force trauma – the feather over the hammer.

Our chefs have the experiences of working in restaurants, hotels, and clubs to draw on. What sets us apart is many years combined experience of working closely, face to face, with our clients and actually listening to their desires. We rely on feedback from thousands of clients from all walks of life, when designing our menus. These close, interpersonal relationships have also fostered a commitment to the health and welfare of our clients. We want to not only please our clientele's palates, but also their bodies. We use only the freshest ingredients available with no preservatives or chemical additives and local, organic products whenever possible. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail from our food to our service and everything in between.

There are many companies that feed the masses, we are the chefs who serve people.

ADAiRE is Cooking At Lake Lanier!

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